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Discover the Top Advantages of True Residential Refrigerators for Your Home

true residential refrigerator with glass doors in home kitchen

Looking for a refrigerator that goes beyond keeping items cold? A True Residential refrigerator may be the answer. Designed for both the passionate home cook and the professional chef, True Residential marries high-end style with industry-leading performance. This guide walks you through the key features that make these refrigerators a standout choice for your home kitchen.

Key Takeaways

  • True Residential refrigerators provide luxury aesthetics and durable functionality with 300-series stainless steel interiors and exteriors, ample cubic storage space, soft-close glide drawers, and precise temperature control through the True Control Panel.
  • These refrigerators offer versatility with a range of full-size configurations and specifically designed undercounter options for space efficiency, and include features like adjustable shelving, antibacterial properties, and balance-forced air refrigeration systems for even cooling.
  • Customization options abound with color and finish choices for personalized aesthetics, outdoor-rated appliances for entertainment spaces, and signature design elements like a True Toe Kick, Lift-Up Grill, Tubular Handles, and Ramp-Up Interior Lighting to enhance user experience and maintenance.

The Pinnacle of Cold Storage: True Residential Refrigerators

A True Residential refrigerator enriches a kitchen with luxury and high-end design. These appliances, featuring a 300-series stainless steel interior and exterior, epitomize both durability and style. With a generous storage space of 5.6 cubic feet, they serve a diverse range of needs, from the professional chef looking for ample room for ingredients to the home cook wanting space for family meals.

Beyond offering ample storage, these refrigerators prioritize convenience. They feature soft-close glide drawers with a Lexan-like front and integrated handle, enhancing the storage convenience. The freezers come with polished stainless steel baskets designed with soft-close slides, providing a classic design and quiet storage functionality.

The True Control Panel ensures complete control with its user-friendly controls and clear LCD display for consistent performance and exact temperature management.

Glass Door Refrigerator Column

The glass door refrigerator column, common in upscale residential kitchens, seamlessly combines visibility, style, and convenience. The 30” Glass Door Refrigerator Column, in particular, stands out with its adjustable and removable stainless steel encapsulated glass shelves, delivering customized storage and flexibility for food preparation needs.

The style extends to the practical elements too. Drawers in True refrigerators are designed with:

  • Soft-close glides
  • Clear fronts
  • Integrated handles
  • Ample storage space

Full-Size Refrigerator Options

True Residential transcends the one-size-fits-all approach, recognizing the unique needs of different kitchens. Hence, they offer full-size refrigeration in a variety of configurations to accommodate the demands of the best professional kitchens.

These configurations include side-by-side, bottom freezer, and column options, providing flexibility and customization in your kitchen design. Whether you’re a professional chef in need of a side-by-side refrigerator for your bustling kitchen or a home cook seeking a bottom freezer option for your cozy space, True Residential has you covered.

Undercounter Refrigeration Excellence

Undercounter refrigeration is characterized by space efficiency and design flexibility. True Residential’s undercounter refrigerator in stainless, beverage center in stainless, and dual-zone wine cabinet stand out for their exceptional space efficiency and design flexibility.

These undercounter refrigeration units feature polished stainless steel wire baskets that slide on soft-close slides, ensuring easy, quiet storage and maintaining a visually clean freezer space. For added security, the stainless steel models of True undercounter refrigerators come equipped with a standard lock to safely guard the contents.

Engineered for Culinary Perfection

True Residential refrigerators excel in both aesthetics and performance. Constructed with industry-exclusive 300-series stainless steel interiors and exteriors, they stand up to the high demands of professional chefs. The True Precision Control® and True Control Panel feature steel touch technology and an easy-to-read LCD display, ensuring digital accuracy in temperature settings for the precision that culinary experts require.

Adjustable and removable stainless steel encapsulated glass shelving and door bins made from antibacterial 304 Series stainless steel in True Residential refrigerators offer customized storage options for various culinary needs. The features of True Residential refrigerators include:

  • Adjustable and removable stainless steel encapsulated glass shelving
  • Door bins made from antibacterial 304 Series stainless steel
  • Balanced, forced-air refrigeration system for rapid product cool down and uniform temperature throughout the unit

These features make True Residential refrigerators an essential part of any professional kitchen environment, especially for the best professional chefs.

To top it all, strategically designed ramp-up lighting intensifies the visual appeal and functional accessibility of the refrigerator’s interior, aligning with the high-quality experience True Residential aims to provide.

Refrigerator Drawer in Stainless

The elegance and convenience of the stainless steel refrigerator drawer are essential components of a True Residential kitchen. The undercounter refrigerators come with a True Precision Control® that features steel touch technology and a digital readout for precise temperature management, enhancing the convenience and elegance of the kitchen workspace.

Precise temperature control not only ensures superior cooling but also instills confidence that a wide variety of food items will maintain optimal freshness. Whether it’s delicate dairy products or robust root vegetables, the stainless steel refrigerator drawer ensures they’re stored at the perfect temperature.

Freezer Column Mastery

True Residential’s 30-inch Freezer Column empowers you to master the art of freezing. Providing an ample 15.1 cubic feet of freezer space, it is equipped with the True Precision Control system that offers precise digital temperature control for a variety of food preservation needs.

A consistent temperature is maintained throughout the freezer space thanks to a balanced, forced-air refrigeration system, which can reach temperatures as low as -4°F, enhancing food preservation and quality. Showcasing an industry-exclusive 300-series stainless steel interior and exterior, True Residential’s freezer column offers not only robust durability but also a sleek, professional look.

The freezer column’s design maximizes convenience with its four electro-polished stainless steel shelves and three full-extension, soft-close wire bins, ensuring versatile and easy-to-clean storage options.

Customization Meets Commercial Refrigeration

Since 1945, True Residential has been a leader in commercial-grade refrigeration. In 2008, they extended their expertise to the residential market, offering the same exceptional quality to home kitchens. They have maintained their dedication to commercial-grade quality refrigeration and have expanded their offerings to include comprehensive customization for residential refrigerators, enabling designers and homeowners to achieve personalized aesthetics and functionality.

The application of finishes to 300-series stainless steel through processes like robotic electrostatic spraying proves True Residential’s commitment to both aesthetic elegance and technological innovation in customization. They use high-quality materials, including 304 Series stainless steel for adjustable and removable shelving, which provides enhanced hygiene and a tailored fit for refrigeration storage needs.

Color Customization Options

Adding to the customization of high-end residential kitchens, True Residential offers a wide array of color options for their kitchen appliances. This enhances the ability of homeowners to align their refrigeration units with their personal style preferences. A range of powder coat colors achieved using advanced electrostatic sprayers ensures a smooth and consistent finish, while the curing process above 400 degrees guarantees durability.

For a more unique touch, True Residential provides options for automotive-grade liquid paint, offering a spectrum of finishes from mattes to shimmering metallics, topped with a rigorously tested coat for excellent quality and durability. Designers can match True Residential refrigeration units with bespoke cabinetry or other style elements in the kitchen, utilizing a color palette that accommodates modern to timeless design aesthetics.

Even outdoor entertainment spaces are not left out, with finishes like matte white with pewter hardware adding elegance to these areas.

Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

True Residential’s undercounter refrigerators enhance the joy of outdoor entertaining. These refrigerators are the only glass door models in the industry with a UL rating for outdoor use, ensuring they can withstand the elements.

Undercounter refrigerator drawers from True Residential blend versatility with elegant design; they feature balanced tubular handles and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. True Residential’s breadth of outdoor products includes fridge and freezer drawers, beverage centers, wine cabinets, clear ice machines, and beverage dispensers, catering to various outdoor ambiences from poolside to patios.

Beverage Solutions for Every Occasion

True Residential’s 15-inch Clear Ice Machine offers the ideal beverage solution for a perfect outdoor event. Capable of producing up to 85 pounds of clear ice per day, with a storage capacity of 28 pounds, it’s a high-capacity solution for outdoor events.

This ice machine includes a built-in drain pump and water filter, which are essential for maintaining convenience and ensuring quality ice production in outdoor settings. With bin level control, the True Residential ice machine allows for flexible ice production, ensuring that hosts can always keep up with the demand for ice at outdoor gatherings.

For a complete outdoor beverage service, the True Residential Dual Tap Beverage Dispenser offers the ability to serve a variety of draft beverages, perfect for any outdoor occasion.

Wine Preservation Outdoors

Speaking of beverages, wine should not be overlooked. True Residential offers a 30-inch dual-zone wine column with a capacity to store up to 150 bottles, making it an ideal solution for wine preservation in outdoor entertaining spaces. The Dual Zone Wine Cabinet enables wine enthusiasts to maintain different temperatures for red and white wines, ensuring they are preserved in optimal conditions.

Constructed with Low-E, double pane, UV tinted glass and vibration-dampening racks, True Residential’s outdoor wine cabinets ensure the longevity and quality of the stored wines. For added security, the outdoor wine cooler includes a lock that comes standard on stainless steel models to safeguard your valuable wine collection.

Signature Design Elements of True Residential

For True Residential, design is a fundamental aspect of their refrigeration units, not an afterthought. Their refrigerators feature a distinctive True Toe Kick that unifies the design by blending the commercial look of the Lift-Up Grill with the streamlined aesthetic seen throughout the kitchen.

The Lift-Up Grill on True side-by-side refrigerators is a nod to the brand’s commercial origins, featuring precise lines found in luxury restaurants and hotels. It offers both a signature look and practical access for maintenance.

The tubular handles on True Residential refrigerators are specially designed to provide robustness and ergonomic comfort, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any kitchen interior.

Equipped with soft-close glides, the refrigerator drawers offer a clear, Lexan-like front with an integrated handle for long-lasting use and visual appeal.

Proud Hinges and Tubular Handles

Featuring proud hinges designed to remain open at 120°, True Residential refrigerators assure a silent, soft closure after intensive testing. These hinges are crafted from durable solid stainless steel, highlighting their functionality and visual prominence in kitchen design.

Accompanying the hinges, the robust and ergonomically designed tubular handles provide a comfortable grip, enhancing the overall user experience. True offers its refrigeration hardware, including the handles and hinges, in a selection of metallic finishes, such as brushed stainless steel and brass, adding to the resilience and aesthetic appeal.

Lift-Up Grill and Ramp-Up Lighting

The Lift-Up Grill on True side-by-side refrigerators provides the following benefits:

  • Easy access to the top of the unit
  • Serves as a nod to their commercial-grade beginnings
  • Works in conjunction with proud hinges and balanced tubular handles
  • Enhances both aesthetics and functionality

This feature is part of a suite of built-in refrigeration unit features.

Ramp-Up Lighting offers the following benefits:

  • Progressive illumination of the premium 304 Series stainless steel interior
  • Offers an elegant visual experience
  • Provides visibility
  • Highlights the contents of the refrigerator, ensuring everything is attractively displayed


True Residential has been a pioneer in refrigeration solutions, and they now offer a blend of commercial-grade quality and residential luxury. Their refrigerators, characterized by exceptional design and features, offer a variety of configurations, catering to a diverse range of needs. These units are not just about aesthetics, they are about performance too, with precise temperature controls and ample storage space.

With a suite of customization options, True Residential enables homeowners and designers to achieve personalized aesthetics and functionality. Their outdoor solutions are designed to withstand the elements, making outdoor entertaining a joy. The signature design elements of True Residential refrigerators, including proud hinges, tubular handles, a lift-up grill, and ramp-up lighting, are a testament to their commitment to quality and luxury. In essence, a True Residential refrigerator is not just a kitchen appliance, it’s a statement of style and sophistication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do True refrigerators last?

True refrigerators can last as long as 15 to 20 years, due to their long-lasting fan motors.

Are True refrigerators as good as Sub-Zero?

Both True and Sub-Zero refrigerators are top-tier options with advanced cooling technologies, exceptional reliability, and low repair rates, making them both excellent choices.

Where are True Residential refrigerators made?

True Residential refrigerators have been made in the USA since 1945, by a family-owned company based in Missouri.

Is True a good refrigerator brand?

Yes, True is a reputable refrigerator brand known for its high-quality units designed with expertise from commercial refrigeration equipment.

What makes True Residential refrigerators unique?

True Residential refrigerators are unique because they blend commercial-grade quality with residential luxury, featuring precise temperature controls, 300-series stainless steel interior and exterior, various configurations, and customization options. This sets them apart in the market.