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Buying A Nice Gift For The Cook In Your House, No Matter Their Skill Level

gift for cook in house wrapped for holiday presents from gift ideas for amatuer to professional level cook

As appliance and kitchen design experts, we know a thing or two about shopping for the chef in your life. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners find the right appliances and kitchenware for their homes, and now we’d like to share our insider knowledge with you through this gift guide that is stocked with 16 gift ideas for the cook in your house.

Whatever their skill level is, even if they’re just starting to get comfortable in the kitchen, you will find unique gifts that are functional and fun. Everyone loves getting gifts they’ll actually use, and they especially enjoy the gems that they normally wouldn’t spring for themselves.

If you know someone who enjoys cooking but hasn’t upgraded their equipment in a while, they’ll appreciate the kind and thoughtful gesture. Even something as simple as a quality cutting board or a griddle would make an excellent gift for someone who wants to enhance their culinary experience.

This list consists of everything from small appliances such as coffee and espresso makers to fancy knife sets and ice makers that are sure to put anyone in the holiday spirit. If you happen to be superstitious, just be sure also to include a penny with gifting a knife set so your intended recipient can “pay you for them” to ward off the idea that receiving knives from someone is an omen that they’ll stab you in the back! You will be able to find something for everyone: those who love hosting and entertaining, the professional chef, and even the newbie who is just getting their toes wet in the kitchen.

For the cook ready to upgrade their cutting board

MAple Cutting Board

If your home cook is still using their hand-me-down cutting boards from yesteryear, it’s time to help them level up their culinary game with a legit cutting board that will perform as good as it looks. John Boos Maple Wood Cutting Boards are known as industry leaders in the food prep game, so you can take solace in knowing your favorite cook will be using this bad boy for years to come.

$130 John Boos Maple Wood Cutting Board at Amazon

For the cook who is friends with the Lorax

swedish dishcloths

This adorable pack of highly absorbent Swedish dishcloths makes a perfect gift for those home cooks who are always burning through paper towels and feel the guilt. These fast-drying and washable paper towels have little hooks to hang dry easily, and will certainly give peace of mind to your home cook who wants to cut down on their paper towel use.

$20 MaisoNovo Swedish Dishcloths pack of 4 at Amazon

For the salty chef who loves to sprinkle a little magic

Sea Salt Flakes

Spice up the season with Maldon’s Sea Salt Flakes, which have been a longtime love of both chefs and aspiring cooks worldwide for over a century. A 20-ounce bucket of this family fave is the gift that keeps on giving and will last well beyond the holidays.

$15 Maldon’s Sea Salt Flakes 20oz at Amazon

For the cook who lavas them some salt

Lava Salt

If the cook of the house likes a bit of variety when it comes to their finishing salt collection, then handcrafted gourmet salt flakes from Iceland might be the ticket! Salverk Lava Sea Salt is blended with activated charcoal from volcanic lava stones, boasting detoxifying health benefits that are a welcome bonus to this environmentally friendly culinary salt.

$13 Salverk Lava Salt at Amazon

For the cook who grinds all day in the kitchen

Salt and Pepper Mill

Salt lovers have something to get excited about with this French salt and pepper mill set that is currently on sale. This durable set is excellent for cooking but also pretty enough to keep on the table while serving meals. Makes for a welcome gift for those who want a professional grinder system without the bulky size.

$110 now $62 Peugeot Paris U’Select Salt and Pepper Mill Set at Amazon

For the cook who appreciates the classics

Veggie Peeler

Every home cook has some version of this iconic tool, but sometimes, an upgraded version of a classic can make a perfect gift. That includes this peeler from the Material Kitchen, which has a slim handle that provides a perfect hold, a lightweight design, and a replaceable blade to keep things peeling smoothly.

$28 Material, the Forever Peeler at Amazon

For the cook who is picky about their herbs


When you gift your favorite cook with their very own mini herb garden, you’ll be on their mind every time they clip a piece of fresh herbs to prep their delectable meals. They’ll thank you and praise your brilliant gift every time you save them from having to use the ‘forbidden’ dry herb.

$164 now $80 AeroGarden Harvest at Amazon

For the cook who wants to spread the love

TipTree Lemon Curd

It’s hard to resist eating this lemon curd straight from the jar. Fans of this giftable spread layer it on everything from scones, toast, and pancakes and even use it to fill their cupcakes for a special surprise in the middle. No one will judge if you decide to keep the jar for yourself.

$15 Tiptree Lemon Curd at Amazon

For the cook who wants to protect their precious tables

Barvivo Coasters

No one likes water stains on their wooden tables. Everyone likes coasters that keep that from happening. These coasters are available in black, neutral colors, or a classic look that will complement any kitchen and will keep drinks from inviting unwanted water-ring guests from crashing the party.

$15 Barvivo Coasters 8-pack at Amazon

For the cook with slippery fingers

Barvivo Coasters

Fancy wine glasses with long stems are nice, but they can be a catastrophe waiting to happen for those less coordinated. These stackable, flat 7.5oz tumblers make a perfect gift for home cooks who host guests who want to sip on wine or a cool cocktail and be able to throw them in the dishwasher when the night comes to a close.

$40 Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware set of 12

For the cook who loves whipping up smoothies

Ninja Blender


This attractive personal blender will make any home cook who loves a good smoothie swoon. With this nifty Ninja, your cook will be able to make a perfect smoothie to start the day and whip up some fresh salsa in the afternoon. It’s a little on the loud side, but it gets the job done, is easy to clean, and will make for a thoughtful gift for those wanting to drink their fruits and veggies.

For the cook who wants to cut to the chase

KUMA Multipurpose Chef Knife

Every chef needs a chef’s knife. Not every chef wants to pay the anti for one. Lucky for you, you can gift your favorite cook a knife that they’ll love, and that won’t break your budget. Your chef will appreciate the steel and comfort of the handle and will look forward to slicing and dicing their way to a delicious meal.

$35 KUMA Multipurpose Chef Knife at Amazon

For the cook who needs a place to dry their tools

Attom Tech Home Modern Dish Rack

Whether the cook in your house has a dishwasher or not, these kinds of racks come in super handy. This modern take on the common dish rack looks stylish, is uber-functional, and provides an elegant solution to drying dishes on a countertop. Your cook will most certainly appreciate this welcome addition to their kitchen arsenal.

$35 Attom Tech Home Modern Dish Rack at Amazon

For the cook who keeps a tidy workspace

MR.SIGA Mini Dustpan and Brush Set

Functional gifts are in, and this one is a keeper. Your cook will love this little guy. It’s small enough to stow away easily when not in use and is surprisingly effective when it comes time to break it out of hiding. This stylish mini dustpan will sweep your cook right off their feet!

$13 MR.SIGA Mini Dustpan and Brush Set at Amazon

For the cook who wants to play the mandoline

Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus Mandoline

If the cook in your house has always wanted to try out a mandoline but hasn’t taken the leap, you can nudge them off the ledge with this nifty tool. They’ll love the ability to slice their veggies to varying thicknesses and cut down food prep in general by a long shot. It stores well and cleans well, and as long as your chef follows the safety precautions, they should keep all their digits intact.  

$55 Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus Mandoline at Amazon

For the cook who eats on the run

RTIC Soft Cooler 20L

When the cook in your house has to take their food or drinks to go, this RTIC Soft Cooler will keep their food protected and chilled for up to 24 hours. This cooler is designed with a leak-proof zipper, is lightweight, and durable so they can rely on it to keep their food protected from all the elements while they enjoy the great outdoors—or backyard event.

$115 now $90 RTIC Soft Cooler 20L

At Atherton Appliance & Kitchens, we love helping our customers find the best kitchen and appliance solutions for their homes. If kitchen design or appliances happen to be on your wish list this year, we are always happy to help you find exactly what you need to bring your vision to life. Feel free to reach out to us any time of the year to get your project off the ground.