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Experience Culinary Excellence with the Fulgor Sofia 48″  Pro Induction Range

Experience Culinary Excellence with the Fulgor Sofia 48 Pro Induction Range

Searching for an induction range that pairs power with style? The Fulgor Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range offers advanced cooking technology wrapped in a sleek package. This guide will walk you through its precise heat control, adaptable design, and other key aspects that distinguish it in a crowded market; let this guide help you decide if it’s the right fit for your kitchen adventures.

Key Takeaways

  • The Fulgor Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range combines professional features with aesthetic customization options, offering interchangeable door kits, metal bezel kits, tactile control knobs, and advanced touch displays for a personalized and sophisticated kitchen experience.
  • Equipped with seven powerful premium European inductors and flexible cooking zones including bridge elements for griddle cooking, the Sofia 48″ Pro ensures precise and responsive induction power, catering to various cooking techniques from simmering to searing.
  • The range’s dual true convection ovens offer even heat distribution for consistent cooking results, complemented by a range of cooking modes and features like a meat probe, self-cleaning capability, and Sabbath mode, and with safety measures such as pot detection systems and cool touch doors to enhance user convenience and security.

Exquisite Design and Professional Features

The Fulgor Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range is a testament to the harmony of form and function. Crafted with a sleek stainless steel finish that echoes the ethos of professional kitchen design, the Sofia 48″ Pro stands as a centerpiece of culinary sophistication. Beyond its surface, the range boasts a suite of features that epitomize the essence of professional cooking appliances – a fusion of style and substance that is sure to captivate any culinary connoisseur.

As you stand before the Sofia 48″ Pro, you’ll immediately notice the professional-style control knobs. These aren’t just aesthetic accents; they’re a gateway to instant response and precise control, allowing chefs to:

  • Adjust cooking settings with the same confidence and precision that defines the world’s best kitchens
  • Enhance the ritual of cooking with a tactile experience
  • Create a tangible connection between the chef and their culinary creations

Aesthetic Appeal and Customization

The allure of the Sofia 48″ Pro doesn’t stop at its striking stainless steel finish. Homeowners can express their unique style through personalized touches, thanks to interchangeable door kits available in an array of six colors, including both matte and glossy finishes. Whether you’re aiming for a bold statement or a subtle nod to your kitchen’s decor, the Sofia 48″ Pro adapts to your vision.

Further customization is found in the metal bezel kits that frame the range’s persona with brushed bronze, brass, or matte black options. These kits include knob bezels and a nameplate frame, transforming the appliance into a piece of art that reflects your personal taste. It’s not just a range; it’s a reflection of your culinary identity, meticulously tailored to become an integral part of your home’s aesthetic.

Ergonomic and Precise Control

The professional control knobs of the Sofia 48″ Pro are a marvel of ergonomic design, offering chefs:

  • Precise control that perfectly complements the intuitive nature of cooking
  • Professional-grade metal knobs that are a joy to use
  • Instant response and precise adjustments with a simple turn

They’re the conductors in the symphony of flavors that you’ll create, ensuring every dish is executed with precision.

Alongside the tactile satisfaction of the knobs, the Sofia 48″ Pro features:

  • An easy-to-use touch display
  • A modern interface that offers an additional layer of control
  • The ability to fine-tune cooking options with ease and precision

It’s a seamless blend of old and new, a confluence of analog charm and digital efficiency that caters to the discerning tastes and demands of the modern chef.

Advanced Cooking Surface Technology

The Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range is a marvel of cooking surface innovation. At the heart of this advanced 48″ induction range technology are seven powerful premium European inductors, renowned for their precise and responsive induction power. This enables you to wield the heat with unmatched finesse, ensuring that every ingredient is treated with the care it deserves.

The cooking surface is not just about power; it’s about versatility. With four single induction cooking zones, a dual max power zone with an 11-inch cooking zone, and two bridge zone elements for griddle cooking, the Sofia Pro offers a canvas for chefs to express their culinary artistry. Whether it’s a delicate simmer or a powerful sear, the Sofia 48″ Pro’s cooking surface responds to your every command.

Powerful Premium European Inductors

Embrace the exceptional cooking quality of the Sofia 48″ Pro’s induction range, where each of the seven powerful premium European inductors stands ready to transform your culinary experience. These inductors are the pulse of the range, offering an instant heat response and precise control that is essential for the high-quality cooking experiences synonymous with the Fulgor brand.

The flexibility of each cooking zone is augmented by a booster function, which provides the ability to increase cooking temperatures rapidly when required. This is power at your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly transition from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil, maintaining the integrity of your ingredients and the precision of your cooking. Additionally, the cooking zone residual heat ensures efficient use of energy.

Flexible Cooking Zones

Flexibility is a cornerstone of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range. The range’s cooking zones are tailored to meet a variety of cooking needs, from the individual induction zones to the expansive dual max power zone, perfect for larger cookware or ambitious culinary endeavors.

The inclusion of two bridge zone elements specifically designed for griddle cooking expands the range’s versatility even further. Whether you’re crafting a classic breakfast or a gourmet grilled sandwich, these flexible zones ensure that your cooking surface is as adaptable as your menu.

Oven Excellence: Dual True Convection and More

Step into the world of oven excellence with the Sofia 48″ Pro. The main oven features a dual true convection system that ensures consistent temperature distribution, providing uniform cooking results that are nothing short of extraordinary. Both the large and small ovens boast this true convection system, complete with easy-to-roll telescopic racks for ultimate convenience.

The Sofia 48″ Pro offers a plethora of cooking modes to suit any culinary requirement, including:

  • Baking
  • Roasting
  • Broiling
  • Warm/proof/dehydrate

This range is equipped to support multiple baking and cooking needs. It also includes features such as a meat probe, self-cleaning capability, and Sabbath mode, further enhancing its versatility and making it a true partner in culinary exploration.

Main Oven Mastery

The main oven of the Sofia 48″ Pro offers:

  • Advanced dual true convection system for even heat distribution
  • Precise control for perfect cooking
  • Extra-large baking cavity for large dishes or multiple items
  • Intuitive multiple baking sessions without compromise

Visibility is paramount when creating culinary masterpieces, and the main oven’s three halogen lights illuminate your dishes beautifully, allowing you to monitor their progress without opening the oven door. Additionally, the integrated automatic heat-up function ensures uniform heating throughout the oven cavity, promoting even cooking and perfect culinary outcomes every time.

Accessory Oven Advantages

The accessory oven of the Sofia 48″ Pro is equally impressive, featuring single true convection that promotes uniform temperature distribution for consistent cooking and baking results. The convenience of a telescopic rack in each oven, including the accessory oven, enhances the ease of safely handling and checking on dishes during the cooking process.

In addition to its convection capabilities, the accessory oven offers broiling functions and a suite of other cooking functions that empower chefs to produce a wide array of cuisines. You’re set, whether you’re:

  • broiling a succulent steak
  • baking a delicate pastry
  • roasting a whole chicken
  • toasting bread
  • reheating leftovers

The accessory oven, equipped with automatic heat-up technology and a telescopic rack, rises to the occasion, providing the tools needed to execute every dish with confidence, while offering impressive accessory oven total capacity. Telescoping racks encourage efficient use of oven space and easy access to your dishes.

Safety and Convenience Combined

Ensuring a safe and convenient cooking environment is at the forefront of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range’s design. Engineered with enhanced safety features, this range offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the joy of cooking without worry. Key safety features include residual heat and power-on indicators, complemented by a child-lock function to prevent unintended use, ensuring the kitchen remains a secure space for all.

The appliance’s pot detection system is a testament to its intelligent design, activating the induction zones only when appropriate cookware is placed on them. This not only enhances safety but also improves energy efficiency. Additionally, the range features cool-touch doors, which are essential to prevent burn injuries and provide a safe kitchen environment for families.

Touch Soft Closing Doors

The luxury of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range extends to every detail, including the convenience of touch soft closing doors. This soft closing door mechanism prevents slamming, gently bringing the door to a smooth, silent close as it nears its full closure. It’s a small touch that makes a significant difference, adding a sense of elegance and care to your daily cooking routine.

Residual Heat Sensor

Safety is not an afterthought with the Sofia 48″ Pro. The range’s residual heat sensor is a critical feature that alerts you to lingering heat on the cooking surface, even after it has been turned off. This ensures that you and your loved ones are aware of potential hazards, further solidifying the Sofia 48″ Pro’s commitment to safety in the kitchen.

Personalized Service and Support

Fulgor Milano, the brand behind the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range, is renowned not only for its exceptional products but also for its commitment to personalized service and support. Catering specifically to customers with disabilities, Fulgor Milano ensures an inclusive shopping experience that accommodates every individual’s needs. With services like the disability services phone line, customers with disabilities receive assistance with navigating the website, conducting searches, and understanding product specifications, ensuring everyone has access to the Sofia 48″ Pro’s culinary excellence.

Moreover, a complimentary personal shopper service is available to assist customers with disabilities in selecting products that suit their unique needs. This service aids with advanced search and detailed product consultations, providing a tailored shopping experience that respects the individual preferences and requirements of each customer.

Dedicated Assistance for All Customers

Fulgor Milano’s personalized support extends to all customers, with a specific focus on assisting those with disabilities. The dedicated disability services phone line is a direct line to personalized aid, offering support with website navigation, product selection, and order placement. This level of care ensures that every customer, regardless of their needs, can enjoy the Sofia 48″ Pro’s offerings to the fullest.

The personal shoppers at Fulgor Milano embody the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction. They provide invaluable support to customers with disabilities, navigating them through the website, conducting advanced searches, and ensuring they choose the perfect products to meet their culinary aspirations. This dedicated assistance, including the support from personal shoppers, is provided at no extra charge, reaffirming Fulgor Milano’s commitment to inclusivity and high-quality service.

The Complete Sofia Cooking Suite


The Sofia cooking suite offers a complete solution for the culinary enthusiast, featuring:

  • Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range
  • 36” Dual Fuel Pro Range with unique Crescendo burners
  • 48″  Dual Fuel Pro Range complete with a Trilaminate Stainless Steel griddle

The suite is designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s kitchens, providing a range of cooking technologies that promise to elevate your cooking game to professional heights.

Complementing the induction range is a 36” Pro Gas Range Top, offering yet another method for culinary expression within the Sofia suite. Additionally, the 48″  Pro Wall-Mount Hood is a key component of the suite’s ventilation solution, featuring double fan motors, LED lighting, and efficient noise control. Customization options such as charcoal filters and a 12-inch-high chimney cover ensure that the hood can be tailored to various kitchen designs and preferences.

The Sofia suite also includes advanced dishwashing solutions like:

  • 24” stainless steel built-in dishwasher
  • Silent operation
  • Room for 16 place settings
  • Flexible rack loading system

These features further expand the Sofia cooking suite’s appeal.

Expand Your Culinary Arsenal

To truly enhance your culinary experience, consider the full array of products within the Sofia cooking suite. In addition to the 48″ Pro Wall-Mount Hood, the suite includes the 30” Pro Double Oven and a 30” Pro Warming Drawer, each designed to perfectly complement the Sofia 48″  Pro Induction Range. These additional components offer a level of convenience and sophistication that will transform your kitchen into a bastion of gourmet excellence.


The Fulgor Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range embodies the perfect blend of beauty, innovation, and functionality. It stands as a culinary beacon, inviting you to experience the joy of cooking with professional precision, customizable design, and advanced technology. Whether you are refining your gastronomic skills or embarking on new culinary adventures, the Sofia 48″ Pro offers a canvas for your creativity, complete with the support and safety that make every meal a masterpiece.

Are you interested in exploring the 48″ Sofia range or more of Fulgor’s luxury range options? Contact us today for help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range?

The Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range features a sleek design with customizable options, advanced cooking technology, flexible cooking zones, dual true convection in the main oven, and a variety of safety features including soft closing doors and a residual heat sensor. It also offers personalized customer service, including dedicated assistance for individuals with disabilities.

What are the specifications of the cooking surface of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range?

The cooking surface of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range has 7 powerful premium European inductors, 4 single induction cooking zones, 1 dual max power zone with an Ø 11″ cooking zone, and 2 bridge zone elements for versatile griddle cooking, providing precise control and rapid heat changes for various cooking techniques and styles.

What are the oven functions of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range?

The oven functions of the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range include bake, broil, roast, true convection, warm/proof/dehydrate, a meat probe, self-clean, and Sabbath mode, offering a wide range of cooking options for versatile meal preparation.

What accessories are included with the Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range?

The Sofia 48″ Pro Induction Range includes 2 chrome racks per oven, 1 telescopic rack per oven, and 1 meat probe, which enhance the cooking experience with convenience and precise cooking tools.

What other products are available in the Sofia cooking suite?

The Sofia cooking suite includes a range of products such as wall-mount hoods, insert hoods, double ovens, and warming drawers, all designed to complement the induction range and create a complete cooking solution for any kitchen.